Subscribers to Netflix for a single movie!

More than half of streaming service users have subscribed just to see an exclusive movie.

Marketing firm Publishers Clearing House recently surveyed more than 16,000 adults about video streaming. In particular, it shows that, in the 18-44 age group, 54% of respondents admit to having subscribed to a platform only to see a specific film, exclusive to the service.

Cinema still privileged but more and more “challenged” by streaming services

In the upper age bracket - over 44 - the proportion remains high since 40% of them have also subscribed for this simple reason. The study also asked how viewers prefer to watch films: 32% of respondents prefer to see films at the cinema, 27% prefer to do so in streaming without advertising, 18% with advertisements, and 2% for free… via piracy ( see illustration above). Source: Media Play News