Triangle Secret LCR7, built-in Hi-Fi and Home Cinema speaker

The French loudspeaker manufacturer announces a new reference within its range of in-wall loudspeakers, the Triangle Secret LCR7. This surname takes on its full meaning once it is explained that it hides a versatile enclosure, that is to say usable in the center (C) or in the left or right front (L for Left and R for Right).

You will have understood that the name LCR (Left, Center, Right) therefore implies the possibility of choosing the Triangle Secret LCR77 as a central or front speaker, but also of using it in a vertical or horizontal position. This last configuration is indeed the rule for the central speaker of a multichannel configuration (beyond a 2.0 system) generally placed under a television or a projection screen.

Secret Triangle LCR7, basis of a Home Cinema system up to 9.4.6

The latest addition to the Secret series, the Triangle LCR7 can be completed with a multitude of built-in speakers, wall or ceiling models, the Triangle ITC4, Triangle ITC5, Triangle ITC7, Triangle ITC8, Triangle IWT7 and Triangle IWT8, not to mention one or more subwoofers from the brand, for example a Triangle Thales 340. And thus make an installation Dolby Atmos / DTS: X up to 9.4.6 extremely discreet since doomed to disappear, or almost, via the possibility of painting the loudspeaker grille in the color of the wall or ceiling.

Secret Triangle LCR7, acoustic package

The Triangle Secret LCR7 is a two-way loudspeaker equipped with two 17 cm polypropylene cone mid-woofers and a 25 mm adjustable fabric dome tweeter. Namely, in addition to the tweeter capable of precisely targeting the listening area, the Secret LCR7 speaker can also adapt to its audio environment, in particular through its level of bass and treble frequencies adjustable according to three parameters, between 0 dB and +/- 2 decibels.

The Secret LCR7 has a bandwidth of 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 90 dB for a maximum admissible power of 140 watts. Namely, the filter circuit has overvoltage protection, and the push-button terminal blocks provide easy connection of speaker cables with cross-sections of 1.5 to 5 square millimeters.

The Triangle Secret LCR7 speaker is available immediately in black or white finish. Indicative prices (per unit): 249 euros.