Apple Reality Pro: first "image" of the mixed reality headset

Apple's mixed reality headset is timidly revealed through a "leaked" photo of one of its components.

Dubbed Reality Pro, and a persistent rumor for many years, Apple's mixed reality headset - virtual reality (VR) + augmented reality (AR) - should finally be announced at the annual event WWDC Apple (Worldwide Developers Conference Apple) in June, for a release at the end of the year.

Apple Reality Pro, first “image” signed by leaker Mr White

Leaker Mr White (via Pocket Lint) got his hands on a photo (below) not of the headset itself, but of one of its components. Blessed bread for fans and technology enthusiasts who will have a great time deciphering the usefulness of this piece. A priori, these are cables whose shape suggests that they are placed around the two screens which will be placed in front of the user's eyes, and which would probably be connected to a processor.

Yes, we know, it's meager... But at the point where we are, we're taking everything we can while waiting for the device to be officially revealed, normally next June, let's remember.