Apple mixed reality headset: "Continuity" and "Handoff" on the program

A new patent previews the ergonomic amenities Apple's new mixed reality headset will provide.

Supposed to be unveiled next June, Apple's new mixed-reality headset should seamlessly integrate into the manufacturer's device ecosystem, according to a patent recently published in Europe. Named "Multi-Device Continuity for Extended Reality Systems", the document notably mentions the Apple Continuity and Handoff functions already in use today.

Continuity and Handoff functions available on the future Apple mixed reality headset

The Continuity function refers to all of Apple's systems allowing its devices to communicate with each other interchangeably. Handoff allows you to start a task on one device and then continue it on another without interruption. The patent gives concrete examples, imagining a wearer of the helmet consulting an e-mail on his iPhone, then sending it to a virtual screen - displayed by the helmet therefore - with a simple movement of his hand, or even by directing his gaze. . Another example, a piece of music is played on the iPhone, and with a wave of the hand or a glance at a HomePod, the sound is transferred to the speaker without interruption.

The document mentions other fun applications like enlarging the screen of your Mac with virtual windows displayed around it. Source: Patently Apple