Yamaha YH-E700B, Bluetooth headphones with advanced active noise reduction

The Japanese manufacturer unveils a new Bluetooth headset with active noise reduction, the Yamaha YH-E700B.

After the marketing of the Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless headphones (see our Yamaha TW-E3C news, new IPX5-certified True Wireless headphones), the Japanese manufacturer unveiled the circumaural Yamaha YH-E700B model a few weeks ago, the successor the YH-E700A which appeared in 2020 (see our news Yamaha YH-E700A, Bluetooth circumaural headphones with active noise reduction).

Yamaha YH-E700B, Advanced Active Noise Canceling noise reduction

The latest addition has many innovations, most of which are exclusive to the brand, starting with improved active noise reduction called Advanced Active Noise Cancelling. This goes further than simply adding a signal with an electrically opposite phase to cancel external noise. On the Yamaha YH-E700B, it suppresses background noise without ever altering the musical audio signal. To achieve its ends, the noise cancellation technology separates the signal from the background noise using an exclusive algorithm thanks to the internal microphones.

Yamaha YH-E700B, Advanced Listening Care

In addition to the volume set by the user, the tonal balance offered at low level by the new Advanced Listening Care mode calculates the average level of the music every 0.7 s taking into account the last five seconds elapsed. To do this, Yamaha engineers have drawn on technologies developed for ages by the Japanese manufacturer, namely the YPAO automatic calibration process present on its audio-video amplifiers to correct the acoustics of a room.

Yamaha YH-E700B, Listening Optimizer and Ambient Sound

The first named, Listening Optimizer, proceeds via an internal microphone to the earpieces to the analysis of the cavity of the ear by comparing the signal emitted and that received. The way the headset rests on the ear is also taken into account, always with a view to optimizing sound quality. This measurement is made every 20 seconds for sound processing that is as close as possible to listening conditions.

Of course, the Ambient Sound mode is always in the game. This allows the user, using the microphone present, to perceive his sound environment or even to converse with others without having to remove the headset.

Yamaha YH-E700B, Bluetooth 5.2 APT-X

The Yamaha YH-E700B are closed dynamic headphones. The speakers feature a 40mm diaphragm for a frequency response of 8Hz to 20,000Hz. For streaming, it is the Bluetooth 5.2 APT-X Adaptive protocol which is required and the autonomy displays 32 hours. Recharging takes approximately 3.5 hours using a supplied USB-C cable. In the accessories department, you can still find in the box an airplane adapter, a 3.5-mm mini-Jack cable for wired use and a hard carrying case. On the voice assistant side, Siri and Google Assistant are in the game.

Available at the end of March. Indicative price: 399 euros.