Adoption of 5G, slowdown in sight…

Inflation apparently got the better of the growth in adoption of the 5G format, which ultimately leaves a bright future for 4G.

According to the latest figures from the firm Omdia, 5.9 billion 5G subscriptions in 2027 would be recorded, thus covering 70.9% of the world's population. In 2022, there were 446 million 5G subscriptions compared to 592 million for 4G. A remarkable performance for the latter, thirteen years after its launch and now considered an “old” technology.

4G dominating over 5G until 2027, the fault of inflation

In 2022, only 31% of mobile operators offered a 5G offer. This figure should climb to 59% at the end of 2023, leaving a few more years of dominance to 4G. 4G subscriptions should begin to decline from 2024, while retaining a majority market share in mobile connections until 2027. The slowdown in this transition is due in particular to falling sales of compatible mobiles, due to an increase in prices, inflation, the network still not extensive enough, and a lack of specific 5G applications.