Banner pus on YouTube, it's over! (well almost)

From April, the untimely advertising banner on YouTube is bowing out.

If you are used to watching YouTube videos on a computer via the internet browser, rejoice because the irritating little advertising banner that appears from time to time in overlay will be retired from April 6th 2023.

YouTube, videos finally full screen

Unlike video ads at the beginning of the program (and also during), these banners have the particularity of concealing part of what you are watching and therefore require a quick movement of the mouse and a precise click to release them. A reflex that will soon be a thing of the past, as confirmed by YouTube in a recent post on its help forum.

End of YouTube advertising banner, marginal shortfall

As a result, content creators will no longer have the option of using this choice for their monetization, but knowing that this type of ads did not exist on the mobile version and that the majority of income is made precisely on mobile, the shortfall should be marginal.