Philips PUS8808 The One, from 43'' to 85'', Ambilight 3, HDR Dolby Vision/HDR10, HDMI 2.1, Google TV…

After the Philips PUS8508 series presented yesterday in our columns, place as announced to the Philips PUS8808, the other series The One within the brand's range. As a reminder, you can discover the rest of the range by clicking on the Oled Philips OLED908, Philips OLED808 and Philips OLED708 series or the Philips PML9008 and Philips PML9308 Mini LED series.

On the menu of this TV series The One, the Philips 43PUS8808 (43'', 106 cm), Philips 50PUS8808 (50'', 127 cm), Philips 55PUS8808 (55'', 140 cm), Philips 43PUS8808 (55'', 140 cm), Philips 65PUS8808 (65'', 165cm), Philips 75PUS8808 (75'', 191cm) and Philips 85PUS8808 (85'', 216cm).

Philips PUS8808, main developments

In short, the evolutions of the PUS8808 televisions, compared to the PUS8807, concern the presence of a pivoting central stand up to 65'' (double stand on the 75''/85'' models, see photo below). above), the Google TV 12.0 operating system, DTS:X compatibility, HDR Dolby Vision Gaming (up to 120 Hz) and a more muscular sound section: 2.0 for 40 W of power on the 50' '/55'' and 65'', 2.1 for 50 W of power on the 75'' and 85 inch. The equipment remains unchanged for the 43'', 2.0 and 20 W of power.

Philips PUS8808, Main Specifications

For the rest, there is a 10-bit 120 Hz LCD panel, combined with a Direct LED Global Dimming backlighting system for a light peak of 500 nits. HDR Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR HLG compatibility is required. At the heart of these televisions beats the P5 Gen7 processor in its version specifically adapted to LCD technology. It is he who manages the exclusive Micro Dimming function to display an always optimal contrast on the screen and the new Super Resolution function for an increased sharpness of the details on the screen via new algorithms of detection of the depth of field. Precision, in addition to the already mentioned DTS:X, a Dolby Atmos decoder is of course present.

Still concerning the sound section, the Philips PUS8808 TVs benefit from the DTS Play-Fi function allowing the configuration of a wireless 5.1 Home Cinema system or the integration of the TV within a multiroom system. Similarly, Philips PUS8808 TVs can act as the center channel in a multi-channel setup. Apart from these technical characteristics, there is also a DVB-T2/DVB-C and DVB-S2 tuner (Fransat certified) and the renowned Natural Motion motion compensation, a true signature of Philips televisions.

Philips PUS8808, Ambilight 3

The Philips PUS8808 series benefits from Ambilight 3 (active on the top, right and left sides of the screen), always able to adapt to the color of the back wall, and the Ambilight + Hue function (click to learn more about this great option!) to combine the Ambilight effect of the TV with the Philips Hue bulbs in the room, directly from the screen and no longer from a tablet or smartphone. Not to mention Ambilight Gaming Mode with extremely low latency, active with all games (via console/PC, Google Play, Cloud Gaming, etc.) to fully immerse the player in the action, and Ambilight Music (with Spotify for example ) to enjoy a nightclub atmosphere. Precision, this last mode can be active even when the TV is off. Finally, the new Ambilight Aurora gallery feature, rich in numerous embedded images and videos, allows as many exclusive artistic atmospheres in your living room.

Philips PUS8808, Smart Google TV 12.0

Always present, the UPnP multimedia gateway (DLNA) via the Ethernet port or Wi-Fi ac compatibility, and a Quad Core processor. These allow you to enjoy audio, video and music content stored on a Mac/PC computer or a Nas hard drive through the home network; to connect to the internet (the television then transforming into a computer monitor) via a USB keyboard and mouse; control the screen using a free iOS and Android app; finally, to program the recording on a USB key or an external hard drive of their favorite shows.

The Android 11 Smart TV function of the Philips PUS8807 TVs therefore gives way to Google TV 12.0 for more intuitive ergonomics. Content and applications are grouped together on a single page, navigation is smoother and faster and the customization of settings allows for an appropriate user experience. Of course, VP9 compatibility and the integrated ChromeCast functionality to view content from a smartphone/tablet on the big screen via a compatible application are still in order. Finally, Google Assistant is in the game with even the possibility of controlling various connected objects certified “Works with Google Assistant” (Philips Hue lamps, Nest thermostat, etc.). Similarly, it will be possible to directly access a specific series on Netflix or a video / music on Youtube, vocally. To access Google's voice assistant, simply press the dedicated button on the TV remote control and speak. The "Works with Alexa" certification requires the use of an Amazon Echo Dot type speaker.

Also integrated, the Miracast functionality (Wi-Fi Direct + mirroring to share on the TV screen the interface of a smartphone, tablet or PC). Likewise for HBBTV compatibility. MP3, WMA, AAC, Mpeg2, Mpeg4, WMV, VC-1, AVC/H.264 and Jpeg compatibility is ensured via, among other things, AVI and MKV containers. and Game Bar

Namely, the remote control for Philips PUS8808 televisions incorporates a microphone for the Hey Google function. The connectors of these TVs have two HDMI 2.1 inputs and two HDMI 2.0 compatible with eARC, VRR (from 48 Hz to 120 Hz as a reminder), ALLM and FreeSync Premium. Note also an extremely low Input Lag, 17 ms at 60 Hz and 11 ms at 120 Hz. In short, perfect features to satisfy video game enthusiasts. There is also an optical output, a headphone output with independent volume and two USB ports. For its part, connectivity is associated with Wi-Fi ac Dual Band compatibility and Bluetooth 5.0.

The Game Bar that appeared last year is still available on the PUS8808. This allows users to quickly access game-related settings, changing them on the fly without wasting time (see photos above and below).

Philips PUS8808 series release date planned for spring. Indicative prices still unknown.

Reminder of the key characteristics of Philips PUS8808 TVs:

• 10-bit panel

• LCD panel

• Ultra HD/4K panel

• 120 Hz panel

• Processor: P5 Perfect Picture Engine Gen7

• P5 Perfect Contrast function

• P5 Perfect Color (WCG, Wide Color Gamut) function

• Ambilight + Hue function

• Amazon Alexa function

• Perfect Natural Reality function

• eARC function

• VRR function

• ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) function

• 4K HFR 120 function

• P5 Super Resolution function

• Game Bar function

• HDR10 and HDR HLG compatibility

• HDR10+ compatibility

• HDR Dolby Vision compatibility

• HDCP 2.3 compatibility

• HEVC compatibility

• Dolby Atmos compatibility

• DTS:X compatibility

• Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility

• Wi-Fi ac Dual Band compatibility

• DTS Play-Fi compatibility

• HDCP 2.3 compatibility

• FreeSync Premium compatibility

• HDR Dolby Vision Gaming compatibility (120 Hz)

• Certified ation Filmmaker Mode

• Outputs: 1 optical

• Inputs: 2 HDMI 2.1, 2 HDMI 2.0b, 2 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, 1 CI+ port

• Google Assistant multimedia

• Multimedia Works with Alexa

• Multimedia Google TV

• Direct LED Global Dimming backlight system

• Perfect Natural Motion compensation

• Input Lag: 17 ms at 60 Hz and 11 ms at 120 hertz

• Bright peak: 500 nits

• DVB-T2 tuner

• DVB-C tuner

• DVB-S2 tuner

• Sound section : 2.0 on the 43''/50''/55'' and 65'', 2.1 on the 75'' and 85''

• Power: 20 W on the 43'', 40 W on the 50 ''/55'' and 65'', 50 W on the 75'' and 85''