11 days submerged in a lake: did this iPhone survive?

Crazy story in Brazil in which two lives are saved, including a human life.

In February in Brasilia, Brazil, Breno Rafael is kayaking on Lake Paranoa when he sees a woman drowning. Neither one nor two, he dives and saves the victim. A heroic news story that could end there and that wouldn't really have its place in our pages, if the rescuer in question hadn't dropped his iPhone 11 in the water and lost it forever.

His iphone falls in the water…

But not so “forever” as that, since eleven days later, a diving instructor fell on the device at a depth of 7 m and recovered it. Knowing that Apple claims that the iPhone 11 with its IP68 protection index cannot spend more than half an hour submerged at 4 m, we can only applaud this smartphone which was still working, and which has even regained its user thanks to a message published on social networks by the diver. A great story as we like them, since we told you about a similar adventure (but without life saved) in 2021 about an iPhone 12 Pro this time. Source: G1 via Apple Insider