Mayday: The Gerard Butler enjoyed by critics in 4K on May 25

Mayday, an action film by Jean-François Richet and led by the Gerard Butler/Mike Colter duo, will be released in 4K UHD in a Steelbook edition by Metropolitan on May 25.

During a transit flight over Asia, pilot Brodie Torrance (Gerard Butler) takes on board Louis Gaspare (Mike Colter), suspected of murder and escorted by a Canadian policeman. During a detour, the aircraft was seriously damaged by a storm and had to make an emergency landing on an island in the Philippines. Torrance, Gaspare and the other survivors discover that they have to stick together: they have ended up in an area where the guerrillas of the bloodthirsty Datu Junmar (Evan Dane Taylor) are rampant…

The Jean-François Richet label works

Usually, it's folded: as soon as Gerard Butler (300, Greenland the last refuge) appears in the credits of a film, this one serves as an outlet for critics. This was not the case with Mayday, signed by the French director Jean-François Richet (Mesrine, Blood Father). We can even see that Mayday, a B-series tonic, has aroused the enthusiasm of a good part of French critics as well as a very decent rating (77% satisfaction) on the aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Alongside Gerard Butler, we find with pleasure Mike Colter (Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Ringer), quality second knives (Paul Ben-Victor, Tony Goldwyn) as well as a stuntman who rises in the person by Evan Dane Taylor (seen in West Side Story and Peripherals).

“Big 4K” alert

Released in theaters at the end of January 2023, Mayday has attracted more than 320,000 French fans and has grossed 32 million in the United States alone. If we know that the 4K version will benefit from a VO and a VF encoded in DTS-HD 7.1, and an HDR Dolby Vision image, the content of the bonuses of this Steelbook edition is not yet revealed.