iPhone 15 Pro Max, thicker than the 14 but...

A few millimeters here and there should significantly modify the silhouette of the next iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Leaker Ice Universe, renowned for its oft-true predictions, recently unveiled the dimensions of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max, which will be a bit smaller than the 14 Pro Max, but thicker. However, with a reduced protrusion for the photo module, the device would be "thinner" overall.

iPhone 15 Pro Max, the supposed dimensions

In detail, the device will have the following dimensions: 159.86 × 76.73 × 8.25 mm (H x W x D), and 11.84 mm in depth if the camera module is included. For comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro is 160.7 x 77.6 x 7.85 mm, but 12.3 mm including the camera.

iPhone 15 Pro Max, absence of buttons and new edges rounded?

Thus, in hand, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be 5% thicker, but the camera module will stand out much less, reducing the effective thickness. Note that on the technical diagrams dug up by IceUniverse, we can see the new slightly rounded edges and the absence of buttons, already mentioned in previous rumors.