Creed III is a hit and bangs during screenings

Whether in the USA or in the rest of the world, Creed III is a hit at the box office.

The new film in the franchise from and starring Michael B. Jordan earned $58.6 million in its first weekend in the US (better than any film in the Rocky franchise).

Like a Rock

Internationally, the film earned $41.8 million. Worldwide, the film has already grossed $100.4 million for an estimated budget of $75 million. And it's a safe bet that it will exceed the $143.5 million and $214 million in revenue from Creed I and Creed II. If some still doubted that the franchise had the potential for a fourth installment, the doubt is removed.

A success that was reflected this weekend in a strange way in some French cinemas with brawls triggered in full screening such as in Ivry-sur-Seine, Charleville-Mézières or even Saint- Étienne, where there were around twenty arrests. The rooms had to be evacuated.