Sony XR Cognitive Processor 2023: new XR Clear Image function and Haas effect

Appeared in 2021 in Sony TVs, the XR Cognitive Processor chip from Sony is evolving in 2023 to integrate the new XR Clear Image feature, the purpose of which is to magnify the video signal before displaying it on the screen.

Sony presented the brand new XR Cognitive Processor, significantly more powerful, at a press conference not far from London last week. Namely, this chip equips four of the seven 2023 vintage TV series, the Bravia XR Sony A95L, Sony X95L, Sony A80L and Sony X90L

XR Cognitive Processor 2023: defining the focal point

The philosophy of the XR Cognitive Processor chip remains unchanged from its predecessor the XR Cognitive Processor: its artificial intelligence faithfully reproduces the behavior of human sight and hearing in order to define in real time the focal point of a image (the one where the viewer's eyes land), to apply the appropriate video processing. Sony goes further and specifies that if a classic AI algorithm can only analyze the various elements of an image in isolation, the XR Cognitive Processor is able to mix these analyzes, like the human brain. With the consequence of predicting, for example, the viewer's visual path and adjusting the image parameters accordingly. Thus, if a character is in the image, and more particularly a face, the XR Cognitive Processor knows that the viewer will focus his attention on his eyes. He will therefore decide to allocate additional resources to perfectly treat the eye area and the immediate surroundings in terms of skin tone, resolution, contrast…

XR Cognitive Processor 2023: XR Clear Image adaptive processing

New in 2023, the power of the XR Cognitive Processor 2023 authorizes the integration of the XR Clear Image function capable of finely adapting video processing to the nature of the signal (definition from SD to 2160p, streaming source, DTT, satellite , DVD, Blu-Ray or 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray, or even bitrate or encoding parameters) in terms of noise reduction and Upscaling. Thus the XR Clear Image process never does too much, some images relatively badly withstanding significant "retouching" to become, for example, "hard" on the screen.

{); Blooming on the other hand improve the density of blacks. Embedded in a QD Oled television, the XR Cognitive Processor 2023 makes it possible to draw the substantial marrow from the latest generation of panels signed Samsung Display, i.e. a high luminous peak, a wide coverage of the DCI-P3 gamut and an unprecedented Color Volume in the presence of 'an organic diode screen.

XR Cognitive Processor: sound rendering support and Haas effect reproduction

Similarly, the XR Cognitive Processor chip is able to analyze the position of various elements in the image to associate them with a sound in order to achieve a perfect match. Likewise, it is able to convert 2.0 or 5.1 audio signals to 5.1.2 for 3D sound rendering thanks to the 3D Surround Upscaling feature. Finally, it works optimally in the presence of Sony HT-A7000, HT-A5000, HT-A3000 soundbars or the HT-A9 speaker system to, among other things, reproduce the Haas effect (also known as precedence effect) and give the viewer the impression that the sound is coming directly from the TV.