Whitney Houston: the biopic that will make you dance soon on Blu-Ray

The diva with a lightning and tragic destiny, whose exceptional voice marked generations, had the honors of a biopic that went almost unnoticed in 2022, Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody. Kasi Lemmons' film is expected on Blu-Ray and DVD at SPHE on April 26.

In the guise of America's little darling, largely shaped by her producer and discoverer Clive Davis, boss of Arista Records (Stanley Tucci in the film), the shy former chorister from a good family quickly imposed her voice and his style with grandiose concerts and landmark performances. A journey as dazzling as it is complex which has also experienced the setbacks that we know, addictions, a sometimes harmful marriage, deep despair (she will have a miscarriage during the filming of Bodygard and will be back on the film set as soon as the day after).

A dark part that the biopic led by British actress Naomi Ackie in the role of Whitney Houston sketches very little, preferring to focus on the rise of a star who has become an eternal star.