Apple mixed reality headset, revealed in June?

It would be on the occasion of its next WWDV conference that Apple will reveal its very first headset for virtual reality and augmented reality.

While the latest rumors were counting on a presentation in April, it would finally be in June that the Cupertino company would unveil to the world its very first mixed reality headset -virtual reality and augmented reality-, on the occasion of its meeting. you annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). That's basically what Bloomberg's well-informed Mark Gurman says.

Apple Mixed Reality Headset June Reveal?

This delay would apparently be due to some technical problems that Apple still has to solve, in particular at the level of the gestural and retinal control functions. Indeed, the helmet interface should be controlled by capturing the movement of the eyes and hands. For a bit of background, rumors were that the helmet was initially due to arrive in mid-2022, only to be delayed to January 2023, then April, and now June.

Gurman still warns that the timing could still change, although apparently Apple is keen to launch the device before the end of the year, since it would be the brand's flagship in 2023. Source : macrumor