USB-C on iPhone 15, photo stolen

Confirmation of the arrival of the USB-C port on the next iPhones with a seemingly truthful image of a production chassis.

To comply with the new European legislation, the Apple firm is forced to abandon its proprietary Lightning format to switch to USB-C with the new iPhone 15 range. rumors for a while, and now comes a new leak that corroborates them.

USB-C port on iPhone 15…

The macrumors site has indeed obtained an image of an apparently authentic chassis that will be used for the production of the iPhone 15 Pro, on which we can clearly see the cutout of the new USB-C port. We can also guess from the image the new rounded edges that the Pro models will feature. Indeed, the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will keep the straight edges of the previous models, but will also be equipped with USB-C.