TV market 2022: Samsung world leader for the 17th consecutive year…

Samsung, leader of the world TV market still in 2022, for a seventeenth consecutive year!

Samsung still reigns unchallenged on the global TV market in 2022. A domination, as a reminder, which began in 2006 with the launch of the Bordeaux LCD TV range, then continued with the first LED TV in 2009, the first Smart TV in 2011, the first QLED TV in 2017, the first Neo QLED Mini LED and Micro LED TVs in 2021 and, finally, the first QD Oled TV in 2022.

Samsung TV, zoom in on the numbers

Pending the precise figures compiled by the various analysis and market research firms, Samsung announces for 2022 to have marketed 9.65 million QLED and Neo QLED televisions and 35 million units since 2017. Similarly, Samsung also specifies that it dominated the large TV segment in 2022 with 36.1% market share on TVs of 75% (191 cm) and more and 42.9% on that of 80 '' (203 cm) and more. To complete this picture, the Korean firm also specifies that it holds 48.6% market share in value in the premium TV segment, i.e. above 2,500 euros.

Voices over to Cheolgi Kim, Executive VP of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics

“Our experience as an industry leader over the past 17 years has been made possible by our consumers' continued loyalty and trust in our products,” said Cheolgi Kim, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business. at Samsung Electronics. We will continue to lead the way in creating the most premium experiences beyond premium image quality.”