Kandahar, explosive trailer for the next Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler goes into survival mode again in the all-new Kandahar trailer.

A trailer full of promise infused with testosterone which is full of action with detonations all the senses, very nervous chase scenes and a Gerard Butler who seems to be in great shape.

Gerard Butler, the action is him

Because for some time now, the actor has even made a specialty of action films that go off the rails, and it's not with Kandahar that things are going to change. In this new film, the actor embodies a CIA artificer pursued by enemy elite forces and who must reach the 400 miles that separate him from Kandahar to save his skin and that of the interpreter who accompanies him.

Honest series B in perspective

And as one of the protagonists of this thundering trailer says: "The problem is not the distance that separates them from their objective, it is what lies between the two". After having saved the passengers of a plane in danger in Mayday and that of his son in Greeland (already directed by Ric Roman Waugh), Gerard Butler finds his favorite director and will therefore once again try to save his skin and that of his performer in hostile territory. Navid Negahban, Ali Fazal, Travis Fimmel and Elnaaz Norouzi complete the cast of a film that clearly has the potential for a decent B series.