Terrifier, the 4K box set dedicated to the demonic Art le Clown

Coulrophobes, go your way. The gore giclées of Terrifier 1 & 2, bloody visceral horror films by Damien Leone (2016/2022), will terrify you in 4K Ultra HD and Blu-Ray. Thank you ESC Éditions, or not…

The two films will be brought together in the same limited 4K Ultra HD/Blu-Ray Steelbook Collector's box announced for May 23, 2023 and already available for pre-order. In addition to the two films (only Terrifier 2 will be offered in 4K UHD, simple Blu-Ray for that of 2016), the list of bonuses and goodies is also quite terrifying, judge for yourself:

• The film All Hallow's Eve by Damien Leone on Blu-Ray (2013)• 32-page booklet• 2 posters• 7 silver prints• Goodies

• Making of (Terrifier 1)• Interview with the journalist Simon Riaux (Terrifier 1)• Makeup by Art le Clown (Terrifier 1)• Interview with Jenna Kanell (Terrifier 1)• Trailer (Terrifier 1)• Deleted scenes (Terrifier 1)

• Unpublished interview with Damien Leone (Terrifier 2)• Interview with the film crew by Bloody Disgusting (Terrifier 2)• Interview with journalist Simon Riaux (Terrifier 2)• Making of (Terrifier 2)• Karaoke of the song Clown Café (Terrifier 2)• Commentary Director's audio (Terrifier 2)• Trailer (Terrifier 2)

• Interview with journalist Simon Riaux (All Hallow's Eve)• Trailer (All Hallow's Eve)

Strengthened by great success, surfing on rumors of hectic movie sessions based on screams and vomiting from the public, the saga should generate a Terrifier 3 and even a Terrifier 4, currently being written and therefore confirmed by the director. We can't stop Art the Clown…