For Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise "saved the cinema"

When Spielberg meets Cruise at The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, he simply says to him: "You saved cinema"

Last night, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences evening brought together the 180 nominees for the next Oscars. All eyes were on Tom Cruise, who was there as co-producer of Top Gun: Maverick.

Thanks WHO ?

It was on this occasion that documentary filmmaker Kartiki Gonsalves captured an exchange between Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg. And Spielberg declaims to an almost embarrassed Tom Cruise (and this is not common): “You saved Hollywood's buttocks and you may have saved theatrical distribution. Seriously. Maverick certainly saved the entire film industry”.

And for good reason: Top Gun: Maverick became the fifth highest-grossing film in the United States and the eleventh highest-grossing film in the world with $1.48 billion in box office receipts. He is proof that the public can come to the cinema in droves to see spectacular, generous films that are not superhero films. So thank you who?