4 gray velvet flies: a cult giallo signed Argento in 4K Ultra HD

4 Gray Velvet Flies, crime thriller by Dario Argento, will be released for the very first time in 4K Ultra HD on May 2 under the Carlotta flag. A limited edition steelbook.

Roberto (Michael Brandon), drummer in a rock band, has been followed for days by a stranger who ends up attacking him. While defending himself, the musician accidentally kills his assailant. But the crime was photographed by a quidam who decides to blackmail the musician.

Dolby Vision HDR Label

4 Gray Velvet Flies, released in 1973 in France, is, after The Bird with Crystal Plumage and The Nine-Tailed Cat, the final part of the “animal trilogy” by cult horror filmmaker Dario Argento. If the film did not have a great theatrical career, it subsequently acquired a cult aura thanks to the active fans of Dario Argento.

4 gray velvet flies, long confined to mediocre copies due to copyright issues, had never had the honors of a 4K restoration and reissue. On May 2, thanks to Carlotta, this oddity will be repaired with HDR Dolby Vision and a respected 2.35 image ratio. This will be a limited edition Steelbook box set with pre-orders already open.

As for the audio tracks, you will find the Italian VO and a VF, both in DTS-HD Master Audio mono. Two attractive bonuses have already been announced: a 26-minute interview and a documentary titled In the Eye of Fear.