One Dark Night: a horror cinema classic coming soon to Rimini Editions

Freshly arrived at college, Julie (Meg Tilly) must accept an initiation rite in order to join a sorority. Under the control of two students, she will spend the night in a mausoleum inhabited by a mage with evil powers...

It was while visiting the catacombs of Paris as a child that Tom McLoughlin had the idea for a fiction with a macabre and anxiety-provoking atmosphere. Directed in 1981, One Dark Night opened the doors of horror cinema to him, we owe him in particular the sixth opus of Friday the 13th (Jason the living dead, 1986) as well as a television series around the franchise in 1989.

Announced on February 16 as a Blu-Ray/DVD Collector box set from Rimini Editions, the film will be available in English and French with French subtitles, in 1.77 aspect ratio. Included, a 24-page booklet, Open Graves, designed by Marc Toullec. Indicative price: 24.99 euros.