LG C3 Oled TV, 20% brighter than LG C2 TVs

At the CES show in Las Vegas 2023 in early January, the Korean manufacturer LG essentially highlighted its upcoming Oled LG G3 and LG M3 TV series, without really mentioning the rest of the 2023 TV range. Back to the LG C3 series, most popular with consumers.

Good news, the LG C3 TV series is announced by its parent 20% brighter than its predecessor, the LG C2. To be precise, this additional luminosity is not understood in terms of luminous peak but of general luminosity. To summarize, the peak light of LG C3 TVs will be more or less equivalent to that of LG C2 diffusers (the specular lights will therefore remain unchanged), on the other hand, the average brightness of the image will be higher.

Oled TV LG C3, main developments vs LG C2 For the rest, in terms of specifications, except for incremental type changes, there are few major differences to note between the LG C2 series and the LG C3. We can, however, mention the expected Alpha 9 Gen 6 processor, successor to the Alpha 9 Gen 5, the new Oled Dynamic Tone Mapping function now optimizing color conversion over 20,000 image areas compared to 5,000 until the year last, an AI Sound Pro sound section capable of creating a virtual sound environment in 9.1.2, plus a One Wall design implemented via an unprecedented wall mount to completely stick the screen to the wall in addition to harmoniously integrating the soundbar LG SC95 additional sound (see our CES 23 news > LG SC95: 3.1.3 Dolby Atmos/DTS:X sound bar, AirPlay 2, Wow Orchestra, 400 W and HDMI 2.1)

Also present a Smart TV interface webOS 23 completely revised for ever greater customization according to the wishes of the user. It will be possible to group and easily access the contents according to their theme. We also note the certification with the recent Matter home automation standard. Similarly, in 2023, HDMI 2.1 connectors will benefit from the QMS function announced in 2017 for the 2.1 standard (see our news item HDMI 2.1 standard, welcome official additions, technical and ergonomic), eliminating black screens when switching from one HDMI source to another.

LG C3 Oled TV, new Wow Orchestra function

Finally, the Wow Orchestra technology announced in our columns at the beginning of December (see our CES 23 news > LG 2023 soundbar, new Wow Orchestra function competing with the Samsung Q‑Symphony) is also in order. For the rest, we find all the equipment of the LG G2 TVs, except for the HDR Dolby Vision Precision Detail function which disappears from the shelves. It should be noted that this disappearance does not seem to be a will of LG, but directly of Dolby Laboratories which would no longer offer it.

Availability announced for the end of March, beginning of April. Indicative prices still unknown.