The Last of Us x Mario Kart: It's-a-me, Pedro!

Incredible mash up between The Last of Us and Mario Kart, with Pedro Pascal himself in the role of Mario.

Unspeakable joy to discover this video, but at the same time sadness to say that it is only the latest joke created by the American comic institution Saturday Night Live. Indeed, who would not want to see the incredible film behind this onion trailer, imagining the world of Mario Kart in The Last of Us sauce?

Yoshi and Toad in tune with the times

Mario is played here by Pedro Pascal himself (Joel in the HBO series The Last of Us), in charge of escorting Princess Peach in a world in ruins following the conquest of the villainous Bowser. The 3-minute video (below) is full of references and gags, even indulging in a little wokism by making Yoshi and Toad self-proclaimed bisexuals. Not sure Nintendo likes it.