Netflix and General Motors for an all-electric future

The Netflix streaming platform joins automaker General Motors in its quest for an all-electric future.

In 2021, car manufacturer General Motors (GM) launched the “Everybody In” campaign, showing its intention to develop an all-electric future, and inviting everyone to join the movement.

A word from Deborah Wahl of General Motors (GM)

Netflix recently answered the call, and as a result will increase the presence of electric cars in its productions (starting with GM models) when it will be relevant. In addition, Netflix is committed to being more “sustainable” in its productions, by optimizing the use of energy and favoring electricity. “Leisure has a great impact on culture. We want electric vehicles to be famous on the small and big screen, to build an electric culture through stories that incorporate driving and owning electric vehicles, says GM's Deborah Wahl. Netflix is a great partner with its compelling stories, commitment to sustainability, and ability to shape cultural trends."