Dexter, soon the prequel?

Even if, for the moment, there is no question of renewing Dexter New Bood for a second season, a prequel series is seriously considered.

The first season of Dexter New Blood had marked the fanfare return of the famous cathode serial killer with an average of 8 million viewers and a record finale for the American channel Showtime, while the Dexter series had stopped eight years before.

Dexter Young Blood?

Season 2 of Dexter New Blood was originally planned to feature Dexter's son, Harrison (Jack Alcott), who would take over from his father (Michael C. Hall). Idea finally rejected by the chain, which therefore definitively canceled the series to focus, according to TVline, on a new approach to the franchise with a prequel project which would feature a young Dexter.

As a reminder, the original Dexter series was launched in 2006 and the character has become an emblematic figure in the world of TV series, just like Walter White in Breaking Bad.