Fusion: Suicide Mission to the Center of the Earth in 4K on March 22

Twenty years after its theatrical release, the disaster film Fusion is being given a 4K Ultra HD edition by Paramount, which will be released on March 22.

An unexplained series of incidents strikes different countries of the world. Geophysicist Josh Keyes (Aaron Eckhart) realizes that the Earth's inner core has stopped rotating. Earth's magnetic field is collapsing, threatening all life on the globe. Keyes takes several military and scientific companions (Hilary Swank, Bruce Greenwood, Delroy Lindo, Tchéky Karyo, Stanley Tucci) on a near-suicide mission. On board an experimental ship, they must try to reach the center of the Earth as quickly as possible to relaunch the nucleus thanks to millimeter nuclear explosions.

A 4K for the 20th anniversary of the film

A disaster and anticipation film, Fusion (The Core in original version) was released in cinemas just twenty years ago. Paramount is celebrating this anniversary with a very first 4K Ultra edition of the film which will offer a combo edition bundling the 4K Ultra HD version and the classic Blu-Ray. Pre-orders are open.

Fusion did not meet with great success when it was released: the then modest budget of 60 million dollars was barely reimbursed. At the time, many had obsessed over the lack of scientific realism of the story, but it must be said that there was competition on the blockbuster side. Among others: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Matrix Reloaded, Pirates of the Caribbean first of the name…

Back to the playoffs for Jon Amiel

The director of Fusion, Jon Amiel (Copycat, Haute voltige), since returning to TV series (The Walking Dead, American Gods) certainly does not deploy the madness of a Michael Bay in Armageddon, released five years earlier . But we can nevertheless appreciate the indisputable energy of the film, its lack of hesitation in sacrificing its heroes as well as the tasty performance of Stanley Tucci portraying a perfect scientist with a slap in the face.

One (big) unknown remains: have Fusion's many special effects sequences aged well and will they properly support 4K? Reply March 22.