Foldable screen smartphones, sales are progressing slowly but surely

Even if it is still confined to a niche sector, the foldable screen smartphone has been selling more and more over the years.

According to analysts from Counterpoint Research, 14.9 million foldable screen smartphones will have been distributed in 2022 worldwide. For its part, Digitimes Research is a little more optimistic with an estimate of 18.3 million. Whatever happens better than in 2021, with a figure between 7 and 9 million, again according to the same sources.

2023, +20% of ultrapremium smartphones will be foldable models

And growth will continue since in 2023 distribution should reach 22.7 million units, representing a growth of 57% for this market segment. “The numbers are small compared to the total market, but in the important ultrapremium segment (over 000 dollars), foldables are starting to hold up,” explains Tarun Pathak of Counterpoint. In this category, foldables are posting a double-digit distribution share this year, and will go beyond 20% in 2023”.

It should also be noted that competition will intensify in 2023, which should lead to lower prices, as the price is still a major obstacle to the popularization of foldable smartphones.