Nanoleaf Skylight, Matter modular ceiling light

Nanoleaf presents its first modular ceiling light compatible with the Matter home automation standard.

At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, connected lighting specialist Nanoleaf presented Skylight, its first Matter-compatible modular ceiling light. These square RGBW LED modular panels can be arranged to create a variety of different designs, much like the brand's modular wall panels.

All Nanolead in Skylight ceiling light

Wi-Fi compatible, Skylight offers functional white light for "normal" use (see photo above) and more than 16 million dynamic colors for a personalized atmosphere. Note connected functions to adjust brightness, colors, color temperatures and set schedules. Skylight also has the usual Nanoleaf features: Music Visualizer, Screen Mirror, Dynamic Lighting Scenes, and Grouped Scenes.

Nanoleaf Skylight, Border Router and Sense+ sensor built in

Finally, the panel also acts as a wired border router and is equipped with Sense+ sensors to detect motion and ambient light to optimize lighting automation capabilities in the home. Available in the third quarter of 2023.