Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5: finally the ultimate foldable?

With its fifth generation of foldable screen smartphones, Samsung could finally fix some flaws associated with this product category for too long.

According to Korean media Naver, Samsung's new Galaxy Z Fold 5 due this summer could take the foldable screen smartphone industry to the next level.

Foldable smartphone, upset origami…

As impressive as these devices are technically, there are still a few details that alter their statutory character: a partial folding (i.e. a space visible even when the mobile is folded), and an unsightly crease visible in the center of the screen when the latter is unfolded.

Next Samsung Galaxy Z Fold with new “Dumbell” hinges?

With a new type of hinge called "Dumbbell" (or "dumbbell", see drawing above) internally (because of its shape), Samsung would apparently have almost solved these two problems. Thus the Galaxy Z Fold 5 should be able to fold completely, and the trace on the screen will be even less visible than before. Incidentally, this technology increases the robustness of the device, which would be able to support more folding/unfolding.

Still according to Naver, a patent for this technology was filed in 2016 but Samsung has not been able to implement it until then, probably because it was not yet certified Waterproof. Today, it could finally fit into the IPX8 (waterproof) rating of the Galaxy Z Fold range.