Lost Highway 4K Ultra HD 25th Anniversary, Watch Your Eyes

Lost Highway (1997), David Lynch's masterpiece, as much a film noir, psychedelic experience, fantasy film as paranoid thriller, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. A disconcerting pearl of incredible plastic beauty not to be missed in 4K UHD.

Fred (Bill Pullman) and René (Patricia Arquette) still live together but, between them, the passion of yesteryear no longer vibrates. In the mailbox of their sumptuous high-tech residence, they receive one day a video cassette on which they discover that they were filmed at home, without their knowledge. The next day, Fred wakes up to find his wife dead beside him.

Restored 4K version

It is the French indie publisher Potemkine who will be at the helm of this highly anticipated 4K Ultra HD release, in a fully restored 4K version. On the program on April 18, a 4K/Blu-Ray combo with a metal Steelbook case. Pre-order available by clicking on Lost Highway.