Fatal impact of the smartphone on the camera market

Less than two years will have been enough for smartphones to “vaporize” the camera market, which has been there for decades.

The Visual Capitalist website has put into pictures (video below by James Eagle) the evolution of the camera market, and the violent impact it suffered when smartphones arrived and their ability to capture images whose quality has progressed at an incredible speed. From there to say that mobiles will one day replace traditional digital cameras, the possibility seems more and more likely.

Photographs, a long story…

For the record, the first “cameras” are mentioned as early as 330 BC. AD in ancient Chinese texts, but it was at the end of the 19th century that image capture finally became possible. For its part, the video below starts in 1951 with the sales of the last Kodak Brownie model (the first appeared in 1900). At the end of the 1990s, the first digital cameras arrived and it took them less than three years to overtake the analogue models, which had been on the market for decades, and democratize the practice of photography.

The iPhone in 2007 sounded the death knell for cameras, even digital ones

Then came the iPhone in 2007, behind which fierce competition rushed in, and it took less than two years for smartphones to literally pulverize the market for digital devices, which until now has remained almost confined to the professional sector.