Advertisements on Apple TV, it becomes clearer

A recent hiring plan at Apple suggests that advertising could be coming via a new offering from its Apple TV+ platform.

Last November there was a rumor about the appearance of advertisements on the Apple TV+ streaming service. The hallway noise is further heightened with a recent piece of information unearthed by Business Insider, which indicates that Apple is looking for a president of advertising purchases for television content.

Apple TV+ with advertising to attract more subscribers

Apple would be looking for a profile close to that of the presidents of the advertising poles of Paramount and Netflix. Knowing that leaders Netflix and Disney+ have recently launched their cheaper subscription option with ads, Apple is one of the last players in the sector not to offer this choice to its members. Today the Apple TV+ offer is at €6.99 per month, and a new option supported by advertising would thus offer a lower and therefore very competitive price -as a reminder, Netflix is at €5.99 with ads- which could attract more subscribers.