Apple set to design its own Micro LED displays

To be less dependent on its suppliers, such as LG and Samsung, Apple will design its own Micro LED screens for iPhone.

Apple has been transitioning from LCD to OLED screens for most of its products for some time. Oled screens supplied by LG, Samsung and BOE, but these manufacturers could soon and gradually leave Apple's supply chain.

Screens designed by Apple, manufactured by a third-party supplier

Indeed, according to Mark Gurman for Bloomberg, Apple wants to switch to Micro LED technology after Oled, and these new screens will be designed in-house for the first time. The brand will thus need less and less of its former partners even if the large number of screens will still be produced by an external supplier (his name is currently unknown, specifies Mark Gurman). As a reminder, the proprietary chips of the iPhone and other devices are designed internally by Apple, then produced by the Chinese TSMC.

Apple Watch Ultra lens with Micro LED display

The change should take place as early as 2024 at the earliest, but could slip to 2025, warns Bloomberg. The first device concerned will be an Apple Watch Ultra, then it will be the iPhones that will benefit from these new Micro LED screens. For iPads and Mac computers, it will take longer, the difficulty of producing screens based on Micro LED technology indeed increases with that of the diagonal.