BOE ahead of LG and Samsung for iPhone screens?

LG and Samsung, Apple's main suppliers for iPhone screens, could be supplanted by the Chinese BOE.

According to the latest indiscretions collected by the Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple specialist, the Chinese manufacturer BOE could become the main supplier of screens for iPhone in 2024, thus taking the place currently occupied by Samsung and LG.

Chinese BOE back in favor at Apple

Kuo explains that BOE's distribution of screens is expected to grow very rapidly in 2023, which could lead to the company becoming inevitable for future-generation iPhones. An incredible turnaround when you know that BOE was not on better terms with Apple in 2022. Indeed, after having proven itself for the iPhone 13, the company would have simplified the design of Oled screens for iPhone 14 in order to to speed up production, without notifying Apple first. It seems everything has been back to normal since.