CES 23 > TCL Oled QD TV at the start of the 2023 school year…

The camp of supporters of QD Oled technology will have one more big name in 2023, TCL. The Chinese manufacturer will swell the ranks of manufacturers/brands with one or more QD Oled TVs in their catalog next year, i.e. Samsung and Sony (and most certainly Philips, to be confirmed in a few weeks).

At the CES show in Las Vegas, TCL confirms its intention to market its first QD Oled TV for the second half of 2023, to accompany its Mini LED models in the premium TV segment.

What about QD Oled TV panel supplier TCL, Joled or Samsung Display?

As a reminder, as early as 2020, the manufacturer had announced its intention to quickly market such a television (see our QD Oled TCL TV news unveiled at the IFA show in Berlin 2021?). It now remains to know the identity of the QD Oled, Joled or Samsung Display panel. It also remains to be seen whether TCL will settle for a single QD Oled reference or whether several are planned.

Talk to TCL

TCL said QD OLED on the one hand and Mini LED on the other "will both occupy prime positions in TCL's 2023 TV lineup." Only downside to this announcement, it comes from the company TCL USA. It is therefore not certain that said television will be available immediately on the old continent.