CES 23 > Samsung Neo QLED TV, 64 Deep Learning modules and Real Depth Enhancer Pro for the 2023 Neo Quantum Processor

For its Neo QLED 2023 TV range, Samsung is announcing the Neural Quantum Processor 2023 chip. Spotlight on its main features to magnify the rendering of images from a 4K/8K Ultra HD television.

On the program for the new Neo QLED TVs, the latest version of the Neural Quantum Processor chip, vintage 2023, equipped with new image processing possibilities.

Neo Quantum Processor 2023, 64 Deep Learning modules

The main development concerns the Upscaling algorithm: while in 2021, the processor embeds 16 Deep Learning modules (see capture below) and 20 modules in 2020, to analyze the incoming signal, the specimen embedded in Samsung 2023 TVs have 64 modules, no less, each specializing in a particular task. Thus, via the Neural Analyzer function, the television will apply the best scaling process depending on the nature of the signal, 720p, 1080p or 2160p, compressed signal from the Net, from a streaming, noisy image…

Neo Quantum Processor 2023, AI Real Depth Enhancer Pro

Another big improvement in 2023 is the AI Real Depth Enhancer Pro algorithm. The latter aims to improve the relief of the image by optimizing the contrast between the foreground of the image which concentrates the moving objects or the action and the background. New this year, the image processing manages with particular care what is around the focal point (the place where the viewer's eyes land, identified by the on-board artificial intelligence), to improve its display compared to to the rest, which further accentuates the 3D effect.