CES 23 > LG Z3: 8K Ultra HD Oled TV with EX panel and heat sink

If the big news in the Korean manufacturer's Oled TV 2023 TV range concerns the LG G3 series with the introduction of MLA (Micro Lenses Array) technology and the LG M3 TV series with the presence of a remote box without- wire, LG Z3 8K Ultra HD televisions also benefit from important developments.

Thus, in 2023, the 8K UHD TVs of the LG Z3 series will feature for the first time an Oled EX panel with greater brightness and a heat sink (aluminum plate at the back of the screen) to cool the organic diodes.

LG Z3 8K UHD TV, onboard heatsink but no MLA

With the presence of a heat dissipator, it is possible to "feed" the organic diodes as much as possible with energy to obtain increased luminosity without the risk of burning them out. On the other hand, no MLA (Micro Lenses Array) process for the LG OLED88Z3 (83'', 224 cm and LG OLED77Z3 (77'', 196 cm) screens, the latter remaining the prerogative of LG G3 televisions (see our CES 23 news > LG G3 Oled TV, specifications and photos update). however, be significantly improved compared to their LG Z2 counterparts (pictured below with the LG OLED88Z2).