Next iPad Mini at the end of 2023. And the foldable?

The next iteration of Apple's mini tablet is coming, and it won't be replaced by a foldable screen model.

According to the latest indiscretions gathered from Apple's Asian suppliers by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the next version of the iPad Mini will arrive at the earliest end of 2023, beginning of 2024, i.e. at least two years after the previous iteration, out in September 2021.

No foldable iPad Mini before 2025 according to Ming-Chi Kuo

According to Kuo, this new iPad Mini will be distinguished by better technical characteristics, so we can expect an M1 or M2 processor, but few changes in exterior design. While previous rumors suggested that the iPad Mini range would be replaced by new foldable screen tablets, this will not be the case according to Kuo, at least not before 2025. Indeed, the two products will be in price ranges opposite sides (very expensive for the foldable, affordable for the Mini) and will thus be able to coexist perfectly.