Streaming with ads attracts consumers

Because they are increasingly forced to tighten their belts, most consumers are willing to endure a few ads within their streaming service.

According to a recent study by Hub Entertainment Research, viewers are increasingly getting used to the idea of having their programs interrupted by advertisements on video streaming services.

Streaming service with ads, 57% of consumers in favor

So most would not mind if they can save some money in exchange. 57% say they would accept advertising if it meant paying $4-$5 less per month. Also, many consumers would prefer a platform offering several options: with ads and without ads. They are twice as many as those who will go to a service offering only advertisements.

The word to Peter Fondulas from Hub Entertainment Research

Finally, some of the current Netflix and Disney+ subscribers are ready to adopt the new offers with ads from these services. 35% of Disney+ subscribers and 24% at Netflix consider switching to the new cheaper offer. “The market seems to have solved the mystery of consumer acceptance of ads,” says Hub's Peter Fondulas, “and it was just a matter of providing a cheaper offering. Now that Netflix and Disney+ are in the business, the question is when the other services will join them."