Digital Quality of Life, world ranking of “digital quality of life”

France is well placed in the world top of the countries blessed by an accessible and quality internet.

The surfshark site has established its Digital Quality of Life Index (DQL) for 2022, the digital quality of life index for a total of 117 countries, or 92% of the world's population.

Digital Quality of Life Index, késako?

In concrete terms, this is a global ranking of "digital well-being", based on five factors: internet price, internet quality, electronic infrastructure, electronic security, and availability state digital services. Taking all these factors into account, we find France in 4th position worldwide, a more than pleasing score in these times when the confidence of citizens in their country is not at the highest point. In first place is Israel, followed by Denmark and Germany.

Zoom on the ranking of France

In detail, France is in 7th place for the low price of the internet, 8th for the quality (stability and speed) of connection, 15th for infrastructure, 11th for security, and 13th for access digital to government services.