DualSense Edge, customizable PS5 controller on January 26

Sony reveals the price and release date of its new adjustable and adjustable PlayStation 5 joypad in both software and hardware, the DualSense Edge.

Announced last August, the new PlayStation 5 controller called DualSense Edge retains the original functions of its big sister DualSense, but has the particularity of being customizable on several levels to offer an optimized gaming experience adapted to everyone's habits.

Fully Customizable PlayStation DualSense Edge Controller

It is thus possible to redefine all the buttons (for example the X becomes the O) or to deactivate some of them. The sensitivity and activity distance of the analog sticks and triggers can also be adjusted, for example to improve driving precision in racing games, or shooting speed in shooting games. The settings profiles can be saved, accessible via a dedicated interface displayed on the screen.

PlayStation DualSense Edge controller, available January 26th

Finally, note the presence of two new freely redefinable buttons under the joypad, as well as interchangeable ergonomic caps for these buttons, as well as for the analog sticks. Reserved for those who really want to personalize their gaming experience, the DualSense Edge will be available on January 26 at and from February 23 at retailers. Indicative price: 240 euros.