And two more lives saved by the iPhone 14…

Two new features of the iPhone 14 - crash detection and satellite communication - enabled the rescue of two Americans trapped in the mountains.

New installment in our “Apple Saves Lives” series featuring new features introduced on iPhone 14: Accident Detection and Satellite Emergency Call.

iPhone 14, story of a car crash in a 90 meter canyon

On December 13, in the Angeles National Forest in California, a vehicle fell from the edge of a mountain to land in a canyon 90 meters below… Small spoiler anyway to tell you that the two passengers got away with it alive with simple minor and moderate injuries. At the time of the accident, an iPhone 14 in the car detected the crash and then contacted Apple's call center via satellite emergency call, since no cellular network was available. The emergency services were then contacted, then a helicopter from the Montrose search and rescue team was dispatched, and the people were successfully recovered before being sent to hospital.

Note that - after the USA and Canada - the satellite emergency call function on iPhone 14 was recently introduced in Europe and in particular in France. Source: macrumors