iPhone 15 Pro, it has a good back (video)

Another artist's vision of what the next iPhone might look like, given the latest rumors.

Rumors continue to spread about the next batch of iPhones scheduled for the start of the 2023 school year, namely the iPhone 15 series. A priori, they should not differ too much from current models, which is reflected in this concept -one more- designed by MattTalkTech for the ios beta news YouTube channel.

iPhone 15 Pro concept with rounded edges

Note however that this version takes into account the new rounded edges on the back of the device, which would replace the current straight edges. But maybe not... This concept also incorporates the famous USB-C port -a first to come on iPhone- as well as ceramic as a reinforcement material, and the inevitable new processor -only for Pro models- which will carry the designation A17 Bionic.