Shokz Headphones, Bone Conduction Champions

A quick look at Shokz, manufacturer of headphones and specialist in bone conduction audio transmission.

Where the biggest brands of headphones are struggling on noise cancellation technology, Shokz takes another path by completely freeing the ears, allowing the passage to remain constantly aware of the environment. Indeed, with over 1,000 patents in hand, Shokz is the world leader in bone conduction technology.

..7 million Shokz helmet users worldwide

In concrete terms, the bone conduction transducers of the Shokz headphones guide the micro-vibrations of sound through the cheekbones to the inner ear, delivering the sound without clogging or covering the ears themselves. Founded in 2011 under the name Aftershokz and renamed Shokz in 2021, the company boasts more than 7 million customers worldwide, and offers several types of helmets dedicated to various uses: sports with even a model specifically dedicated to swimming or communication (“captain” type headset with microphone used for switchboard or call center activities, see photo above).

6 sets of bone conduction Shokz headphones

The sports series are called OpenRun Pro, OpenRun, OpenMove or OpenSwim (for swimming, see photo above), the series dedicated to communication are available under the names OpenComm UC and OpenComm. To be discovered on the Shokz website.