Unknowingly tracked with Apple AirTags

Two women file a complaint against Apple for having been stalked without their knowledge by malicious ex-companions, aided by AirTags.

Initially designed to help you avoid losing your belongings, Apple's AirTags trackers were quickly hijacked, helping for example criminals to steal cars, but also the police to find stolen goods.

Apple AirTags placed in a wheel of the car

In a recent incident revealed by Bloomberg, two women file a complaint against Apple in San Francisco, claiming that the famous AirTags were used to track them without their knowledge. For the first victim, the gadget was concealed by her ex-companion in the wheel of her car, the latter wishing to know where she had gone to avoid her harassment.

Apple AirTags placed in the child's backpack

In the second case, it is the husband whose wife is separated, who placed the tracker in the backpack of their child. The two women seek damages from Apple (amount not specified) and accuse the company of having released a dangerous product.