LG Oled, QNED, NanoCell and UHD TV refund offer, up to €500 refunded

The Korean manufacturer is offering a refund offer for the end of the year holidays, valid until January 10, on a selection of its Oled, QNED, NanoCell and Ultra HD televisions, the amount of which can reach 500 euros.

Until January 10, 2023, on the televisions listed below, LG reimburses from €100 to €500 depending on the reference (see below).

The list of televisions concerned is as follows:

• €100 for the purchase of an LG 86UQ91 TV

• €200 for the purchase of an LG 86NANO76, LG 75QNED81 TV , LG 75QNED82, LG 65QNED87, LG 65QNED86, LG OLED65G2, LG 55QNED87, LG 55QNED86 or LG OLED55G2

• €300 for the purchase of a TV LG 86QNED81, LG 75QNED87 or LG 75QNED86

• 500 € for the purchase of an LG 86QNED87 or LG 86QNED86


Full terms and conditions of this offer can be found at