The iPhone 14 calls for help… when you're skiing in peace

Decidedly a little too sensitive, the accident detection function of the new iPhone 14 still triggers when you least expect it.

As you surely know, the iPhone 14s are equipped with sensors that detect if they are shaken violently as in a car accident, and then automatically offer to call for help.

iPhone 14, the mountain wins you over…

A feature that works well, and even apparently too well, with the proof of untimely detections during simple roller coaster rides that we were telling you about a few weeks ago. And after the roller coaster, it is the mountains as such that are concerned, since accidents are also detected during simple ski descents, even at moderate speed. This is what the KSL site tells us, reporting occurrences in Summit County in Utah in the United States. According to the local emergency call center, three to five emergency calls from Apple devices are logged daily, all for no serious reason.

However, center leader Suzie Butterfield is unfazed by the situation. On the contrary, she recommends that skiers do not deactivate the function. "If an accident actually happens, we want to be able to help you," she says.