xrOS, the iOS of Apple's future mixed reality headset?

New name for the operating system of Apple's next virtual reality/augmented reality headset…

According to the latest information unearthed by Bloomberg, the operating system for Apple's next mixed reality headset will be called xrOS, and no longer RealityOS, a name that has been circulating for several months already and certainly used as a temporary surname internally. xrOS will probably be used for all products of its kind by Apple, such as the future augmented reality glasses of 2024.

xrOS for extended reality…

As a reminder, this first Apple headset will normally arrive in the year 2023. As for the term "xr", it corresponds to "-extended reality" or extended reality, a name that includes both virtual reality and reality increased. As usual, Apple is developing an operating system dedicated to a specific product line, a bit like iOS for iPhones, iPadOS for iPads or tvOS for Apple TVs.