LG Display introduces 'invisible' vehicle speakers

LG Display adapts its CSO (Crystal Sound Oled) technology for audio transmission via screen vibration, used for example under the name Acoustic Surface in certain Sony Oled TVs, to add sound to cars with a reduced footprint.

Sony already uses this technology for some of its televisions: vibrating the screen to emit sound rather than installing dedicated speakers. In collaboration with a (so far unnamed) global audio brand, LG adapted the system to create smaller speakers for vehicles.

Passport-sized LG Display speakers to place anywhere…

In concrete terms, these speakers are plates the size of a passport, i.e. 15 x 9 cm, for 2.5 mm thickness and a weight of 40 grams: 10% of the thickness and 30% of the weight of a conventional car speaker, says LG Display. Given its size and shape, the module can be installed anywhere, in the dashboard, the ceiling or even the headrest.

To work perfectly, these speakers must indeed "rest" on a support in the vehicle, to extend the structure-borne resonance zone and widen the soundstage and frequency response, especially in the bass.

Availability announced for 2023

LG Display promises "a rich and immersive 3D audio experience" and will begin to market these new kind of speakers in the first half of 2023.